About Us


Started in 2013, Global Development Analytics, Inc. (GDA) is based out of the Front Range of Colorado.

GDA’s role is two-fold: Addressing the broad needs of food security through data and technology to enhance the agriculture value chain and food systems and serving as a synchronizing agent for a broader set experts and organizations with skill sets that apply directly to a range of food systems technology and data-driven decision support.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Collaboration with public and private food systems partners to build and deliver data driven decision tools and technology that reduce uncertainty, enhance productivity, and deliver value at scale.

Collaborative development of information and technology solutions delivering data-derived insights that allow decision makers to close information gaps in the agriculture and foods systems cycles to create value and drive economic development.

Our Core Team

Global Development Analytics has a small core team and pulls together partners, volunteers, subject matter experts and entrepreneurs to develop and deliver solutions that address gaps in information and technology across the agriculture and food systems value chains in emerging areas of our global community.

Ken Nugent

President and CEO

Following a lengthy stint in the U.S. Air Force, Colonel Ken Nugent transitioned to Mr. Ken Nugent and spent 2.5 years with Deloitte Consulting. Global Development Analytics was collaboratively launched to use data, technology and systems analysis to enable data driven decisions across farm-to-fork food systems, with ultimate aim of positively impacting economic development.

Michael Hennon

Director of Operations

Michael is a former management consultant having worked for Booz Allen Hamilton and Deloitte consulting prior to GDA. Michael focuses on decision making under conditions of uncertainty and specializes in identifying insights at the intersection of strategy and data science to improve decisions and outcomes. Michael has developed a GDA Hackathon approach that combines the best of breed elements of leading technology companies and data science principles with a data for development focus. This approach provides particapants an innovative experience that expands the possibilities of data and technology application to development challenges.


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