Unlocking the Power of Data
for Economic Development

The Challenge

Africa has
of the world's
arable land…
…but only produces
of global
agriculture output
of the population
is employed in the
agricultural sector.
Africa’s population
will increase by
1.3 billion people
by the year
Africa’s food production must expand rapidly
in only
growing seasons
to keep up
with the
demand for food.

What We Do

At GDA, we know that information and technology are key to increasing farm yields strengthening food systems in Africa. We develop partnerships with public and private agriculture and food systems organizations to build data-driven decision tools and introduce food systems technology that reduce uncertainty, enhance productivity, and deliver value at scale.

Information Gaps
Developing Decision Support Tools

We believe agricultural development can be improved through developing partnerships with academia, national labs, non-profit and for-profit organizations.

Through partnerships we are working to address information gaps that are crucial to local-level agricultural development.

In order to close these gaps we are developing decision support tools for farmers, extension workers, NGOs, and ministry level decision makers to utilize.

What You Can Do


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